Vilnius Residence for Infants with development delays

Who we are

The Home of Infants is an institution of personal health care, located in Vilnius area, licensed to treat children’s diseases of secondary level and render early rehabilitation services to children from birth till four years of age, and to desabled children – up to seven years.

The Home of Infants is made up of the following departments: early correction of infants, early correction of children and abilitation – rehabilitation.

Our Home was designed for 100 children, but since 1999 the number of infants and children is 107-110. More and more premature infants, children and infants with various  ongenital pathologies and disabled children come to out Home. The excess children are not financed by the state, thus the infants are supported from the collected onations and charity funds. This money is donated by the organizations, institutions and people who are not indifferent to the fate of orphans.


Our goals

The main goal of the Home of Infants is organizing and rendering specialized services (abilitation and early rehabilitation), in order to reduce infants’ morbidity and disabilities, to render social and training services, to improve children’s adaptation and integration in the community.

The Home of Infants has the system of diagnostic and correction of early development disorders. The specialists and physicians work as a team. The team of specialists of early correction and rehabilitation consist of: children’s physician, children’s neurologist, physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, kinesitherapeutist, logopedist, psyhologist, special pedagogist-tiflopedagogist, pedagogist, musical therapeutist, social worker, senior care administrator. Children are examined on the basis of rinciples of early rehabilitation, a program of a child’s rehabilitation is made up, the most suitable methods of rehabilitation and training are chosen. Correct motions of children are formed in well-equipped rooms of kinesitherapy, massage, water, air bubble baths, and pools. Logopedists, special pedagogists, psychologists and other specialists are always ready to help children.


Our Tasks

The main task of the Home of Infants after improving children’s health indices, upon reduction of development disorders, upon progress of physical health of children, is to supply to the Service of Protection of Children’s Rights data of the children, in order to facilitate finding fosterparents.

The Home of Infants help healthy children find their biological families or biological relatives, however, the number of children in the Home does reduce as new infants take the vacant places


Some of statistics

The number of children in the Residence has always been stable 100 – 102 children. During 1998 – 2011 year period  730 new children came and 698 left, including integration to the community:

  • 208 children adopted (73 to lithuanians families, 135 – abroad)
  • 190 children taken to foster parents,
  • 180 children returned to their biological families,
  • 140 children enrolled in other training institutions.
Support our institution
We would like to invite You to become a supporter of our Infant Home. If you decide to support us, we kindly ask You to transfer financial means to our bank account:

LT89 4010 0510 0338 1184
AB DNB bank
bank code 40100
Lithuania, Vilnius



Street address: Žolyno str. 47 , LT – 10254 Vilnius, Lithuania
Acting director: Renata Rimdžiuvienė
Tel./fax: (8-5) 2340300
Mob. 8 611 18 526

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